What is Atlantic Pennacool Connect

Atlantic Pennacool Connect ®, The National School Collaboration Tool, is a new platform designed with teachers in mind, to enhance the online learning experience. It caters for both primary and secondary school teachers and students, with the feature of file sharing, chat messaging and teacher class notes to students.

Benefits Of Atlantic Pennacool Connect
1. It is organized so that teachers can section off their work according to topics, dates and categories. E.g. Class assignments versus class notes.
2. Students can directly interact with their teacher, submit completed assignments and stay focused!
3. There is the freedom to attach any website link, document and video URL for your students have an expanded variety of content for learning,
4. Atlantic Pennacool Connect is completely FREE of charge.

Getting Started

Atlantic's Role

Atlantic LNG is a leading LNG producer with a legacy of supporting young people across Trinidad and Tobago. In our twenty years of operations, Atlantic has supported the Ministry of Education and many other organizations who serve the young people of our nation. We see our role as a contributor to national economic growth in two ways.  We produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which allows for the safe and convenient transport and storage of this important energy resource.  We also use our talent and resources to contribute to society in a positive way through partnerships that foster sustainable development in the areas of sport, education, local economic development and the environment.   At this critical time, this partnership with Pennacool is another opportunity for Atlantic to invest in the youth of Trinidad and Tobago, ensuring that they have a collaborative tool to keep learning thereby empowering them to build a more sustainable future.